Babocush Rockers to Stop Crying: Do They Work

There are several sites online like that give information how to stop babies and young children from crying.What could be better than a rocker that would keep your baby from crying? There’s just one thing a rocker that’s designed to keep your baby from crying, and that works. The Babocush rocker is one such product, and there’s scientific evidence backing up its effectiveness.

What is the Babocush Rocker?

The Babocush rocker is an impressive device with a specific design. It can be characterized as a mix between a rocker and a tummy time pillow. The design aims to soothe the baby and to provide relief from colic. As a result, crying will also be reduced.

The product is created for the needs of crying babies aged up to six months. This isn’t a device designed for sleeping. Instead, it is used to soothe down an agitated baby and to promote relaxation.

Babocush rocker is also great for the babies that refuse to sleep on their back. Such babies will often have to be held by a parent until they fall asleep. If you do a bit of research, you will come across dozens of videos that show the soothing effect that Babocush has and its ability to help even the most agitated baby to fall asleep.

Main Benefits of Babocush

According to the manufacturer’s official website, the design contributes to an array of essential benefits.

The first and the most important one is relief from colic. Vibration and heartbeat sounds are used to enhance the position that the baby is in, replicating the hold of a parent. There’s also some evidence that the placement is excellent for providing relief from wind and reflux.

Babocush makes it easier for the airways to relax. The position is natural for babies, which results in optimal physiological benefits. Also, a flat head syndrome is reduced. Babocush can also be utilized to reduce the startle reflex.

What Parents Have to Say about it

While reading the science behind Babocush and its presentation does provide a lot of useful information, it’s also important to take a look at what actual parents have to say about the product.

Most online reviews are positive.

Many moms are happy with the fact that the rocker is easy to use and it comes with a secure strapping system that ensures the safety of the baby. Additionally, it comes with a washable cover that simplifies maintenance. Parents have observed babies liking the position. The verdict is that the Babocush rocker is an excellent option for soothing a crying baby and helping it find relief from colic or reflux.

The adverse experiences aren’t that many. The one thing that some parents didn’t like was the fact that Babocush can only be used for babies aged up to six months. After babies get used to tummy time, the need for the use of the rocker is eliminated.

Babocush is developed by an actual mom who struggled with her crying baby. This is how the idea for the development of the semi-upright rocker came into existence. So far, Babocush has performed pretty well on the market. Because it feels natural and it helps maintain the baby in an optimal position, the Babocush rocker is worth a try.

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